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Public Schools in the Bay Area

For families with school age children, good public school system is the parents top priority.  There are several areas that have very good public school system such as Cupertino, Palo Altos, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Los Altos, or Pleasanton.  However, not all schools in these areas are the best.  Therefore, you need to do research to find out the exact school(s) for a particular property.  Sometime, you also need to do phone calls and some leg works.  The process of finding a home in a good school area is time consuming and cumbersome. 

I have the knowledge and information about the homes and their schools throughout the Bay Area.  If you want to find out your home school district(s), you can email me at  

Popular High Schools in the Bay Area

Monte Vista High School is highly academic and competitive. It was ranked number 57 in the 1000 top public high school by Newsweek in 2005.  It's located in Cupertino city, where the average home size of 2000 sq.ft. costs well over a million. 

Mission San Jose High is located in Fremont. It's one of the most popular high school in the Silicon Valley area, that located outside of Santa Clara county. It was ranked #195 by Newsweek.

Saratoga High School is located in Saratoga. The houses in Saratoga are mostly older houses on large lots. Home price starts from the $1 million.

Los Gatos High School  is another popular high school in the Bay Area. 

Gunn High School is located in the city of Palo Alto. It was ranked #70 by Newsweek in 2005.

Palo Altos High School

Los Altos High School

Menlo - Atherton High School

Lynbrook High School is located in San Jose, CA. Its location is in the border of  San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, and Saratoga.  Therefore, it serves the students from all 4 cities.  It was ranked #178 by Newsweek.

Cupertino High school

I got these ranking numbers above from Newsweek. The ranking is changing every year. Therefore, the ranking numbers above might be outdated.  Please check Newsweek for the most recent ranking.

The real estate in the areas with the above popular high schools is very expensive.  Many people can't afford to live in these areas.  If you live outside of these popular high school areas, you can still find good high schools in the other parts of the Silicon Valley, such as  Pleasanton, the North Valley area with Piedmont Hills High School, or the Evergreen area with the newly built Evergreen Valley High School.

Popular Elementary Schools in the Bay Area

The most popular elementary school in the East side is located in the Berryessa area.  Ruskin elementary is one of the distinguished schools.  It's considered to be the best in the Berryessa School District. Beside Ruskin elementary, the elementary schools in the Evergreen area are also very good.  You should check them out.

One of the best elementary schools is located in the Cupertino area.  Faria is widely popular and its API score is always one of the highest in the state of California.

School Boudary Maps

Here is the link to East Side Union High School District map . This will include the boundary for Piedmont Hills High School and Evergreen Valley High.

This is a link to Sunnyvale School District map. This includes Cherry Chase Elementary School with API above the nineth hundred.  Cumberland Elementary and Ellis Elementary are also have API above the eighth hundred.

This is the link to Evergreen School District.  This map covers elementary and middle schools. Tom Matsumoto Elementary, Silver Oak Elementary, James Franklin Smith Elementary, and Carolyn A. Clark Elementary have API scores above 900.  Many other schools in the area have API scores above 800. 

This is the link to Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District

Here is the link to Cupertino Union School District map. It includes Cupertino high, Kenedy, Lawson, Hyde, and Miller.

Here is the link to Palo Alto Unified School District.  Here you can find the school boundary map for this school district.

Here is the boundary map for Fremont Union High School District. This map includes Cupertino High, Fremont High, Homestead High, Lynbrook High, and Monta Vista High.

Here is the link to Campbell School District map.  This district has Marshell Lane Elementary School with API above 900.  Capri Elementary, Forest Hill Elementary, and Village have API above 800.

Berryessa School District map, which has Ruskin Elementary, Brooktree Elementary, Majestic Way Elementary, Noble Elementary, Northwood Elementary. These schools all have API scores above 800.

Here is the district map for Fremont.

If you want to find out the school district your home belong to. You can go to the School District Locator and enter your home address.  The locator will give you all three school districts for elementary, middle, and high school.  You can also call the Center For Educational Planning at (408)453-6868.



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