Property Management

We provide professional property management services you need to make and keep your income property a success.  We manage all types of properties: condominiums, commercial properties, single family rental houses, and multi-unit apartment buildings.


We use many different kinds of  media to advertise your property for rent/lease. Free local newspapers, Vietnamese Newspapers, Indian Newspaper,online ads, Vietnamese Radio ads, window signs, San Jose Mercury News ads and other places of advertisement are used to attract most qualified prospective tenants for your property.

Tenant Screening

We do our best to locate and make sure that the tenant will take care of your home and pay the rent on time. We screen each prospective tenant for credit history, criminal background, employment verification, and references prior to occupancy.

Move In & Move Out Inspections

We inspect each property before the new tenants move in, small repairs that are needed are noted and are completed promptly. Also, any existing normal wear and tear is noted. When the tenant moves out another inspection is completed. Any repairs deemed to be the occupants responsibility are completed and deducted from the security deposit. The property is then cleaned and painted, if necessary, and made ready for the next renter.


Rents are due on the first of the month and delinquent after the fifth. We make every reasonable attempt to cooperate with a good occupant, to insure rental payment. Should an occupant become delinquent, our procedure is set by law to complete the eviction process.

Property Inspections

Regular drive-by inspections are conducted, if any negligence of the property is noticed tenants receive a notice of inspection and the interior of the property is assessed.


We contract all the works out to licensed professionals for fairness, responsiveness, quality of work, and cost efficiency.

Property Management fee:

  • Only 8% of rental income for full service management.
  • No account establishment fees.
  • No leasing fees.
  • No management fee until rent is received.



All information contained on this site is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed to be accurate. Prospective buyers are highly advised to have the appropriate professionals perform independent research to verify accuracy of all information posted on this site.

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